Life, Love, and Loss

January 14th, 2010 , Larry Cole

Celebrating the Life and Promotion of Caden White

Like most parents, the passing of a child always seems so unfair and perplexing to me. From my perspective, it is an event in life which requires much more resilience from the family than our limited human comprehension can offer. I am encouraged and inspired by my good friends, Darin and Shannon White, who despite their loss one year ago, have committed to move forward. They have chosen to cherish the memories, celebrate the life, and work through their anger and frailty by leaning on something bigger than themselves. For these two, and their daughter Noel, their healing comes not by understanding the reason why, but by embracing the experience… They lean on something bigger than themselves, they lean on Life.

Creativity is abundant in the White home. It is a place filled with art, music, poetry, and song. And although one may not categorize every piece as joyful or gay, each piece is beautiful. Each artistic expression reveals an honest truth about life. Each speaks of weakness and strength, fear and hope, life and loss, and most importantly the necessity for love.

Beauty for Ashes…
The process of healing is different for each individual; for the Whites the process has actually taken on a physical form. An amazing portfolio of artwork has emerged as a byproduct of their healing process. This portfolio has become an arresting amalgam of works that push the viewer to find Peace through the process and hope through the trials and tears. To me, their work serves as a reminder that life is expressed through the living of it and that relationships are the greatest gifts we each have to offer.

I want to close this article by expressing my gratitude for Caden, and to thank him for the gift he entrusted us with… Caden, through your life, which included your battle with cancer, we are reminded of the joy and life each day holds despite our circumstance. You are a brave man with the heart of a Lion and the gentleness of a dove. Thank you for sharing your short well lived life with us. Congratulations on your promotion from this earth to a greater life beyond.

Caden & Family Visit My Art Gallery

Darin and Shannon White are the founders of the regional Kansas artists’ group and organization: b.a.l.m. (Beauty Art and Life Movement) whose goal is to provide a forum that centers around art and friendship, where everyone’s contribution and creativity are valued.

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4 Responses to “Life, Love, and Loss”

  1. Lavern Cole says:

    This article, Life, Love and Loss, is beautifully and eloquently presented. You are not only an artist in the general sense but beyond that you possess a spiritual ability to recognize and appreciate the artistry in life, love, faith, and the processes that unfold which most may not be able to find beauty in; yet you do.

    I did not know Caden yet he touches my heart each time I hear his name because there is always….always… a message behind the mention of Caden White. I believe that is gift he left here with us.

    God Bless Him, his family….and you my son!


  2. Rick Imeson says:

    Live Long and Live Well my friend and continue to bless those whom you rub shoulders with.

  3. Peggy White says:


    Wow! Both Ed and I were very touched by the picture you sent of Caden with the lion. It has to be Aslan or rather, King Jesus! Ed said, “Wouldn’t Caden have loved that?” I think it might have been a shock when he woke up, but certainly the eyes and heart would calm his!

    Thank you for your precious comments concerning Caden. He resembles those remarks well! Oh how we miss him and treasure your thoughts, dear Larry. Thank you for taking the time to express them so well.

    I also appreciate what your Mom has written. Thank you.

    Gratefully, Peggy White

  4. Wes Schoel says:

    This blog is, in itself, a work of art! I bless you my brother for using words, photos and graphics to share a message with the world that communicates the simple dedication one family has to living out what they believe. Caden and the Lion – to me – represent the Lion and the lamb. Jesus is our Lion of Judah. And of course He was also the Lamb that was slain. But this depiction shows the Love of the Lion for His lambs. The picture speaks for itself. Bless you for sharing this with us.