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Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


When most people in America think of motorsports we think of racing. (After all man has been racing machines since the invention of the wheel.) We think of drag racing, Nascar, Motorcross, etc. We think of sports which require one competitor to beat others to the finish line. The key goal being that one goes faster, or navigates quicker. However, I am intrigued by an emerging array of what I view are more “artistic” forms of motorsports.

The specific motorsport I am exploring here today is the “sport” (art form) of Drifting. The key techniques of drifting have been developing in Japan for decades. However, it is just in the last several years that the motorsport has gained truly global appeal. In my opinion, it is one of a few emerging phenomenons which are ushering in a new artistic expression in motorsports. (more…)

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