October 18th, 2009 , Larry Cole

free_jumpI find the exploration of modern art forms really fascinating and parkour is no exception. The beauty and efficiency of motion is truly expressed in this emerging art form. Parkour really began in the 80s, with David Belle of France being credited as the founding father of the art/sport. The movement was building in Europe for some time until the films Jump London and the sequel Jump Britain gave this art form a global stage. Now you can find parkour and its spin-off, “free running,” groups in every major urban landscape. I find the fluid movement, as well as the sheer stamina required, inspiring. Like street dance, this form of creative movement has a gritty, raw feel which I find refreshingly authentic.

In its purest form, the philosophy of parkour is about moving through your environment with the utmost efficiency of movement and energy. Many have called this movement an extreme sport, others consider it a form of acrobatic training, and even a few purists embrace it as a religion. Whatever your take is on it, I think you will find it beautiful.

Check out this Youtube video which features some of the best moves of David Belle. (Of course you can find thousands of others online.)

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