White Show

October 21st, 2009 , Larry Cole

what_is_pure_blogThis Friday I will be in Lawrence, KS attending the show opening for the White Show. I am really excited, as I will be showing my piece, What Is Pure?, at the show. There are a lot of different quality artists involved. Among them are artists like TR Ericcson, Rex Hausmann, and others. (You will need to see the postcard for a list of all of the artists.)

The idea for this show actually started in my gallery, Blazon Studio, some time ago. I had a piece by Dennis Brown in my gallery which I thoroughly enjoyed. The piece is completely white, and is made up of 19 layers of cold press type board. Dennis cut each board a different shape and layered them one on top of the other. I loved the way the piece used only light and shadow to create form and it made me think, “What if every piece in the gallery were white?”. At that time, I was also showing Darin and Shannon White’s work in my gallery and I talked to them about planing a white show around Christmas time. Alas, I was forced to close the gallery a few months later and we never had an opportunity to host the show. Now, I am very glad that BALM and Signs of Life are carrying out the idea by hosting this up-coming show. (By the way, the piece by Dennis Brown which sparked the idea will be in the White Show as well.)

I can’t wait to meet the wide variety of contemporary artists that will be in attendance and enjoy the art together. It is always a pleasure to be around people who have a passion and appreciation for art. It will be a sea of white art… should be fun. (I even have my eye on a piece I may purchase while there.)

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